Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in London?

I've never been in Philadelphia, but legend about their famous cheesesteaks is running around the internet. I was very pleased when I've received invitation to visit Liberty Cheesesteak Food track at the corner of Spitalfields Market and i decided to finally give it a try. If you know me personally, i'm a big steak eater so i was really looking forward to this. I've ordered Philly way, "Half, American, Widout" what pretty much translates to: Half is size, they have also whole but that looked too gigantic. American is obviously the type of cheese, you can choose also Wiz or Provolone and widout means no onion :)

When it arrived, i was glad that I've ordered only half as it was still pretty huge, however first bite makes me stop thinking and I've just enjoyed that delicious taste. Steak was cut to the tiniest bits and mixed with that lovely melted cheese. It was totally awesome! Legend was true.

So if you find yourself around Spitalfields Market, go and check them out, you won't regret it. What's even better, rumour has it that they'll open a proper restaurant in Soho soon.